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QuestionLol I guess it was a stupid question sorry lol Answer

haha it’s cool, just had to rag on ya. cause if knew the dude more you’d just know.

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QuestionDo you know if Omar or Alex has a tumblr? Asking for a friend Answer

haha you must be a comedian, none of my friends would ever have one. please don’t ask silly questions at this time. “for a friend” hahaha sorry, it’s jerk time.


No one really runs away from anything. It’s like a private trap that holds us in like a prison. You know what I think? I think that we’re all in our private traps, clamped in them, and none of us can ever get out. We scratch and we claw, but only at the air, only at each other, and for all of it, we never budge an inch.

Psycho, 1960 | Alfred Hitchcock.


The only thing better than people falling for The Onion are people falling for non-The Onion satire sites. Because even if there are glaringly obvious clues that it’s a fake news source people will still be like “No it’s not The Onion so of course it’s real”


Hokusai Katsushika / Yellow Bird and Rose / 1834
葛飾北斎 / 黄鳥 長春

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QuestionHere's the thing about calling yourself a potato: potatoes are beautiful. Potatoes can be served any number of ways and still be the most delectable and magical thing . You can have them mashed or baked or as fries or hash browns. You can put them in soup or salad or make them into salad or dice them and fry them up to give them a crispy delicious skin. If you're a potato then you're beautiful in any form Answer